We Help Restaurants Get More New & Repeat Customers and More Profits Without Paying Expensive Agencies.

See how our customer finder software can transform your restaurant marketing for good!

setting up facebook campaigns the easy way


Never worry about where your next customer is coming from again

 There Have Only Been 2 Options To Run Facebook Ads In The Past

Option 1

Hire a Facebook Ad Agency For $1500/Month Or More

This is an option if you have extra money to throw around. However, you’re at the mercy of the agency you hire. They will be running their ads, their way, with little to no flexibility. CafeFuel’s software gives you the luxury of what an agency offers at a fraction of the cost PLUS all the flexibility you need.

Option 2

Learn to Do It Yourself And Hope You Can Make A Profit

If you have been in business for any amount of time, you have probably tried to run your own ads. More than likely they didn’t give you the results you hoped for. Our AI Technology ensures you always have a winning ad to use.

This New Third Option Gives You The Best of Both

You get the agency experience where professionals set up and build your campaigns the right way…

And then you get to launch those proven ads directly into your own account with 3 clicks (yup, just 3 clicks).

This Click-N-Run model will help fill in the gaps in your expertise, empowering you to scale your ads without having to spend thousands on an agency each and every month.

Get More Qualified Customers Through Your Door

Get More Qualified Customers In Your Restaurant

We use our Customer Finder Software AI to help find customers in your area who are on Facebook and Instagram looking for a place to go right now…not some time in the future.

Say Goodbye to Missing Out On BIG Groups

From there we set up specialized follow ups and reminders to your potential customers so that you don’t have to worry about responding at 10 pm. That leads to a steady stream of new customers rolling in.

Take Your Restaurant To The Next Level

Our team will work with you to find weaknesses in your marketing and provide you with easy-to-use tools to maximize everything you have and squeeze every dime of revenue out of your budget.

Getting Started Has Never Been Easier

Never worry about where your next customer is coming from again.

Book Your Private Demo With One of Our Consultants

Use one of the links on this page to get scheduled with one of our Restaurant Consultants. This isn’t a simple ‘sales call’. We need to learn more about your restaurant to make sure this is a good fit.

Meet With Your Client Success Coach

During your call with our Restaurant Consultant, you will schedule a call with your Client Success Coach to help get your account set up. Technology can be scary. Let’s make it easy.

Launch & Start Growing Your Restaurant

Chose the ads you want your restaurant to run, tap 3 buttons, and launch your PROVEN ad that will start getting you new customers right now (seriously, you’ll start getting new customers within hours).