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Hello everyone. My name is richard weil and welcome to the nrc helpful moment. I believe this is our 12 helpful moment are recording that since the covid-19

Epidemic has been going on and we’ve had a lot of challenges across the country. I’m the ceo and owner of national restaurant consultants and joining us today i’ll introduce to you is brian divine, of course, are co branding partner marketing with natural restaurant consultants from top line management you met the president and welcoming in today is our vice president from national restaurant consultants.

Live from gilbert, arizona, mr. Jared flowers. So, jared, welcome. And if you would please take it away. And then it is our special guest here today.

Thank you. Awesome things. Thanks, richard. Today we have with us brandon casey, the owner of casey’s woodshed in tempe, arizona.

Lots of background in the bar business renowned bartender all over the valley. Tons of experience. And, we’re glad that you could join us today to answer some questions. There you’ have it.

So the first question I wanted to ask today is with everything that’s going on. How are you and your family and your staff holding up through all of this?

My wife meyer doing great. She works from home anyway. All right. She actually just started. Like, two months ago. Says she’s having a a severe adjustment into the working it working from home life.

About her new job is to work from home. On then then I am at the bar more. I got more during the day and usually here at night. With the adjusted hours and everything.

I got home about eight o’clock at night now, weird. I wake up at four in the morning. You stares a bartender, then my staff i’ve managed to keep half of them on.

And then the other half. We took care of them. Otherwise, we just trucking along. And we’re looking forward to the end of this and getting back to business as usual whenever that may be.

Trying to take it slow one day at a time. Perfect. Well, that kind of leaves me into my next question. As you talk about this is not business as usual.

What things have you done as the owner of the bar and restaurant to sort of think outside the box, to keep revenue coming in during this time. And is it working?

We, it is. But what we had what we ended up doing was kind of that pony in a bar in a restaurant. And we just call them food trucks without wheels. So we’ve got a chicken wing food truck without wheels, and then we have a bar food truck without wheels.

So they just you have to come to them. They’re always parked in the same spot. So we kind of just mangled thinking that way versus looking at an empty dining room and a bar with no guests that, so just kind of wordplay.

Stay positive. I would promoting, a bar in a restaurant, and only two food trucks. So that’s a lot.

We’re still just trying to stay positive on that front that we’ve been marketing the primary arm. Number one food item here is chicken wings. So we call that wings without wheels, and we market that.

Use social media presence. I was been partnering with a lot of wires in town and then also, wholesaler food producers. We have a lot of local food producers. Whether the hot sauce or freaks or french fries or something like that.

Because those guys got hit hard as well. A lot of their national accounts were closed based on bash moments of revenue to so by helping them with doing pop up utilizing local products.

In our features, we can kind of closed the circle within the local community from the fire wholesalers and then the local businesses on then cocktails for the boost food truck.

We’ve been doing a lot of cocktails to go on and records I take up and then also for delivery. Which is kind of fun because we can patch all sorts of things to go. And honestly, if we have all the ingredients will make anything anybody’s curbside little heart desires. We’ve been getting a lot of.

It’s one of those things. Were we? Phoenix? We might be a huge metropolitan city, but we don’t have the density, so we’re not.

People that live here aren’t used to getting everything deliver or getting everything revered by most people are saying that the state of new york, los angeles, with the huge paradigm shift in the restaurant industry as far as service is concerned.

Picking general, don’t be impatient with guests trying to enforcing. You know, kind of design everything to increase social distancing, to be safe, but also to still have some sort of guest experience.

So still, having that customer service aspect you have to remember this is new for the guests too. They’re uncomfortable to say they don’t know.

Do they walk in the park restaurant? They expect to be able to sit for a while. No. It’s been just weird. So just kind of being nice and friendly. And it’s trying to take care of people. The best as we can.

That’s kind of and then, obviously, to get 1/2 hour. Awesome. That’s great. Yeah, thanks. And I always like to ask this question at the end, and obviously we’re all trying to help this industry. So what can, what do you think that we can be doing better? Or that we should be doing to be more helpful to the restaurant industry as a whole? On the operator side, I would say be friendly with your neighbors.

Even if you have not been before, there are three restaurants on our corner alone and just on the intersection. And we’ve been trying to do stuff with them as well.

We’re basically right next to a huge public park. So we’ve been on social media tagging all the other restaurants and say, hey, just come down that this corner, grab something from one of us and then go hang out in the park to go.

Trying to be friendly with your neighbors and even with your competitors. You know, we’re all kind of doing this together from the guest’s point of view.

This is just that i’ve been a bartender for so long. Just remember, we’ve been taking care of you guys and holding your secrets for a long time. Now we need your help there.

We’ve been your free therapist for a very, very long time. And then, from the community perspective, you’ll see a lot of restaurants doing like family meals, which is something that’s in the restaurant industry. Used to used to, but a lot of restaurants and a beat. It’s no maple dash is doing it a couple other spots for their whole staff.

They’re doing even if you’re like, even if you don’t have the shifts, that we could have a lot everything. Three o’clock. They have staff and family still, so even going into restaurants that are opening and seemed like, hey, can I sponsor a family meal day or something for that event or upon orders.

I mean, now there’s 1000 charities out there, but another round another hope is a really, really good one. It’s a national fiber one c three and then the united states bartenders guilt.

Also another national five a one c three. They’re doing a lot of outreach. Step for bartenders. Well, faking brand. Hopefully, you guys were taken advantage of the some of the government cares act that went out.

I could tell you that we’re going to urge people to still get online. We posted it yesterday on the care zack dot gov as faras the $10,000 grant money applying for it with your business, it’s it’s easy. It’s a 10 15 minute process, and hopefully you’ll take advantage it with your business as well operandi and laid it on.

So, yes, every little bit is not gonna hurt. 10 thous is not gonna hurt a little legal help. Anything might pay for a few family meals. Right hand.

That’s right. So? Well, thank you very much. Appreciate you being here. And jared. Thanks for joining us and brian. And you’ll all be safe.

Be healthy and bye for now. Thank you. Bye. Thanks.