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Hello, everyone. My name is richard, weil and welcome to the nrc helpful moment. I’m the ceo of national restaurant consultants. And today again, we’re joined by the president of top line management, mr brian devine. Brian. Hello. And today, our featured guest is mr. Antoine bethea, who is the owner of district 41 in newport news, virginia.

Antoine is also, a personality that we’ve come to know his name for many years. He’s an nfl star, star safety and someone that we hope someday we get to see in canton and antoine, they could welcome for being here today. We thank you for being here.

Oh, no. No problem. Richard. Thank you for having me. Well, thank you. So newport news is certainly in hampton area is a very near and do community to your heart district 41

How’s everybody in the area and the community, you and how are you and your family doing? Um, you know, first and foremost, you know, i’m doing.

Well, my family’s doing well we’re healthy. That’s the most important thing at this time. I’m just speaking on, you know, newport news. And, um, you know, my hometown. You know people are going through it.

You know, this is this is definitely a tough time. You know, people get laid off unemployed and things, of that nature.

So, like I said, it’s definitely a tough time. People trying to get through it. We’re trying to stick together and again with district 41 we’re trying to do as much as we can, um, to help people out. During this time.

One of the things that I know that you’ve posted on your website and sort is amazing. Wonderful thing you’re doing in the community because you are still a philanthropist.

Of course if I could spit that out, but you give back as much as anybody I know. Uh, you’re just a tremendous person, a great heart. But tell everybody a little bit about district 41. The restaurant’s doing in the community with some free lunch programs as well as books. You started out, you did this almost literally right away you’ve been doing this now for three weeks, yeah so, so again, I have to give a shout out to the team in district 41.

You know, our general manager byron goins. He’s been doing a great job. But way decided as a team to monday through friday from 12 to 2 making available free launches to kids k through 12.

Obviously you know, in our community, families are really banking on those those those lunches when the kids were going to school and obviously with the kids being out of school, you know, that’s just another bill that some parents really had to fend for and some instances is tough.

So, you know, being a restaurant in the city that I grew up in, that I love, I figured that would be the right the right thing to do.

And I think is was last week reach, the the reach folk. The reach inc, they reached out and said everyone wanted to collaborate with district 41 as well. And they were able to donate some books to district 41 and along with the free lunch a child in k through 12, they will also receive a free book as well.

So you know, just to continue the literacy and, you know, just trying to help again in any way we can. That’s awesome. It’s it’s tremendous. The outreach that you all have been doing, I see that you’ve not only got the reach program, but other small businesses in the community are supporting district 41 and the efforts. I know insurance agencies and some other small businesses, and did they just reach out to you all is that how you connected with them?

Yeah, you know, obviously know again, it’s, um it’s a small community there. Newport news and, you know, everybody’s just trying to give their they’re helping hand. And i’m grateful, like you said, state farm.

My dear friend jacko , has his construction company. He’s raising money actually coming in and using those funds so we can create more lunches and stuff for the kids, man. So, you know, it’s been a great opportunity for other small businesses to come together, and just create that, create a positive impact for our community.

Well it’s tremendous, brian, if you got a question or so for antoine as well? Yeah, antoine again, thank you so much for taking the time with us today. And I always like to kind of round things out with this. The same question, which is, you know, we’re all trying to help the industry.

Obviously, you’re doing all this great work to help the industry and your community. What can we do? Or what should we be doing? More off to be more helpful for restaurants like yours?

You know, were offering all kinds of marketing packages. Were just trying to think of anything. So what ideas do you have that you think we should be doing more of? I think you guys are doing a great job.

I just think, as far as like the information that you guys are giving out to the small business owners I think it goes a long way.

Um, I just think you know, some small business owners they might not be able to navigate and get to a certain type of information where you get loans, just information, um, for their employees. But, you know, just the information that i’ve been able to receive. My general manager been able to re receive, the information we’ve been able to, um, pass along to our employees has been great.

It has been a great help for us, so I just asked you guys just continue to keep doing that. Just give his much information as you possibly can.

Um, any other points that you guys may have just being that you guys have been in the business for so long. I think it would help small business owners like myself.

Fantastic. Thank you we really appreciate that. No problem. We want to we want to maybe finish this off by saying I want to see number 41 out on the field this fall, along with the other ah, roughly 1200, 1300 nfl players. I know the nfl is doing a lot of things through the nflpa as far as donating.

I’m sure you’re well informed on those things, and it’s it’s great to see what your community is doing and the owners are doing for the nfl and the communities each of them are involved with. And I just want to reach out to you personally as a member of the nfl players association member and the nfl as well as well. Is there anything else that you can think of at this point?

But, uh, antoine we really thank you for being here, ah man no problem. Man. Again, like I said, it’s a tough time and I think everybody who is able to give out a helping hand, I think they are trying to do that.

Like you say, you know, nfl owners the nflpa, even the players, even you know, in the community i’ve seen it where you know, it’s not all about monetary.

You know if you’re willing and you’re able to give a helping hand, regardless of what the situation may be, do that. I think everybody’s been doing that.

It’s crazy. To be we had to have this epidemic for for people to come together and just try to do positive, and help one another out. Sometimes it takes this for people to really open their eyes and realize you know how fortunate we really so, again. You know, I just you know, say it if you can help then help, you know, you guys have been doing a good job again. Like I say, getting the information out. But again, I hope we get past this.

Well, I appreciate you being here, anton and doing what you’re doing. And we’re praying every day for everybody’s wellbeing and, uh, appreciate what you’re doing as a person and as an individual to help your community. Because the newport news in the hampton area in the peninsula there is very special place. I was very unfortunate to see it this winter and, uh, again, thank you for being here. And god bless you and your family. So bye for now.

Thank you. Alright, you all take care.