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And we’re doing something new here today. We’re doing in facebook live, and so we’re going to see how this goes today on our nrc helpful moment. This is our nrc helpful moment number 20

And i’m joined today with the president of top line management and cafe fuel. Mr. Brian devine and brian. It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this basically four weeks and we still want a little bit more time to go. So we are live today. If someone sees this and catches this and you’ve got a question, I want to join the conversation.

We invite you to do that. Ah, i’m here in nice and cold. Denver, colorado today we are sitting in about 23-24 degrees. It has been snowing for almost a full day and 1/2 but not too bad for an april snow store.

We’re gonna talk today a little bit about what we should be doing to get prepared for the new normal. The new normal is be upon us sooner versus later, and now is the time to start thinking about it.

At both top line management and national restaurant consultants, we began the process of having six basic categories that restaurant tours and specifically independent regional food service and hospitality processes need to be thinking about. That could be for marketing and promotions, which i’ll be turning over to brian here in a few minutes.

But most importantly, you have to start thinking about your business in the new normal. Even if you’ve been doing take out delivery and curbside what it’s gonna look like when restaurants can open up again, it’s like putting together a new business plan now, which would include financial operations.

Supply chain management could be even is detailed as a new business plan, as I just said. So we’re gonna take this next week or two to get you ready for what you need to be thinking about with the new normal, because in states begin to open up things or counties or even local jurisdictions, what do you need to be doing now? Is going to help you tomorrow.

So first i’d like to kick this to brian and let him start talking a little bit more detail about what that new normal looks like on a few marketing pieces. We’ve been talking about lists for weeks now, but brian, I know you’ve got some really good meat on the bone to talk about. Shared today brian.

Absolutely. Thank you so much, richard. And for everyone that’s joining us, hopefully we’ll be able to get through this live presentation. But we want you to interact. So if you have a question and you put in the chat, we’ll do our best to answer everything. And if we don’t get to it live and you’re watching this later, still put in the channel will do our best to make sure that we respond later.

Now the whole concept of how to get things going again when these restrictions were lifted. When you’re able to have dine-in, when things really start to seem to be getting back to a good position, we don’t really know yet how that’s gonna look and from talking with everyone that I can about how many people you think you might be able to even get into a restaurant.

If we’re going to continue with social distancing, we might be looking at 50-60% less capacity than you. You’re used to just to be compliant or just to be considered safe.

So with all of that. I want to really make sure that you are keeping your online ordering your curbside delivery, even your delivery through grab or any of those other services if you don’t do your own really heat that going?

Because it’s very likely tis going to be your profit center for quite a long time. And what we’re talking about here is people aren’t going to just start flooding back into restaurants and all of the restaurants are gonna be opening up.

So you need to be thinking about a couple of things. Number one. How are you going to continue handling online ordering? And if you don’t have online ordering, get it in place now when you can don’t wait until things are even crazier. Would you agree with richard?

Absolutely. And there is no doubt about it. I think it will definitely be part of the new norm for sure. Yeah, this is not something that’s gonna just sort of fade away.

I think it’s gonna be a bigger and bigger part of what everyone has to do. So I want you to make sure that you have everything in place early so that it’s just running it smoothly worked out all the bugs. There’s always bugs, and the other thing that you really need to be thinking about is if you’re gonna be putting time, effort and money into your online ordering, then make sure that it’s connected to some kind of a list building system so that when somebody like me orders from you, i’m automatically put onto a list so that you can reach out in a day or two and say, hey, I hope you enjoy your meal.

Here’s a coupon to come on back in the next 10 days. We left having you so much we want to see you again real soon. So you get people like to have it of coming back over and over again.

But if you don’t build that list from the ordering system well and you’re basically spinning your wheels and always starting over zero, I want you to be building that business, building that asset while you are gaining everything. All that momentum.

Does that make sense? Richard? It does. And building the less cost you absolutely zero. Yeah, and since you’re going to be doing the online ordering anyway, you might as well connected automatically to a list. And so I really want you thinking that way.

The last piece is, how are you going to let people know when you are open and what that looks like? You might be thinking like a lot of people that hey, i’m gonna put that on facebook. I’ve got 1,800 or 2,000 people that have liked my facebook page.

I’m gonna let them know, and that’s plenty. What you really need to understand is that putting something on facebook means that 1 to 3% of the people who have liked your page will actually see it.

And that’s what facebook has done over the last few years. They’ve reduced the amount of people who will see your posts because they want you to pay.

And obviously, since facebook says they’re free, there’s someone else was paying for it. And that’s business owners like you and me so when you were ready to open when you know what that date is, start ramping things up. Start telling people you could certainly do the free route with facebook, but don’t do it once.

Do it at least 4,5,6 times a week I i mean, every day is not too much and know it’s going to sound like a lot. But chances are here, the only one who is ever looking at your actual page so everyone else is seeing it in their stream of 253 100 things. So go ahead and post that over and over again, letting people know and then run some ads to that exact market so that you can just say this is where I want to show my ads and very, very tight range around restaurant and let people know that you’re gonna be opening.

And then finally, when you know what that process is gonna look like, show them, grab your phone, takes some video, take some pictures so that people gonna feel comfortable, confidence that you know what you’re doing and that when they come, they’re gonna know what to expect. They won’t feel uncomfortable, awkward. They’re gonna be ready to go. Is that all makes sense.

It makes sense. And if you need the coaching again, we’re doing this stuff without really any costs. At this point, if there is a hard cost, of course we have to charge you for something like that, meaning, if you actually boost a post to you actually have dollars out.

But if you need the coaching on how to get your facebook up or to do a facebook live like this, let us know. We want to be helpful. And that’s been the whole point of our nrc helpful moments. Again, this is nrc helpful moment number 20.

We’re gonna be on all this week with specific things to help you create the new normal and to help your business get up live and hopefully healthy. That’s it for a helpful moment. Number 20 today.

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to feedback off of our live facebook page so thank you. Be healthy, everybody, thanks bye for now.