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Welcome everyone to the nrc helpful moment. My name is richard weil and i’m the ceo and owner of national restaurant consultants. We welcome you in again today with mr. Brian devine, president of top line management and cafe fuel, and our senior consultant sandy clark, and sandy we welcome you in today. We have a couple of topics we’re going to go over, and the first and foremost, brin’s going to strt us off with a little bit on some promotion and marketing information that you need to be thinking about.

As we begin to ramp up the new norm, we’re no longer in recovery. We need to be in a mode of how are we going to get things moving forward. So, brian, please take it away.

Thank you very much, richard. And yes, we’re gonna be really brief on my part today because I want to just make one very clear message for everybody in that is to communicate everything that you’re going to be doing prior to opening, when you’re open, and then even after you’ve opened.

And I want you to think if you are if you’re feeling like you’re communicating and talking too much, then, is probably not quite enough, so overdo it.

Overdo it. Because if you remember how facebook works when you when you put something on your facebook page, about 1 to 3% of the people that have sort of like your page are going to actually see what you post, so you have to communicate over and over again.

And when I say communicate, I want you thinking about what message do you want to get in front of people? And that message is things like, what is the process going to be like when they come in?

How does your ordering going to work if it’s online or if it’s over the phone? How is that process look like when they come to get it? Do you have delivery? And if you have delivery is a touchless, so you want to communicate all of that as much as possible over and over again. So it’s not a one and done, and if you do video, it can make your life a lot easier, because you can create that video once and share it over and over again. And you could put that on facebook, on linked in on youtube.

And what’s amazing right now is youtube is cheaper than ever to get your entire community to see your video. You could do it for around three cents of you. And if somebody doesn’t even watch the only watches maybe 15 or 20 seconds, you don’t even pay the three cents.

So this is incredible way for you to communicate. All right? I think I covered everything. Richard. Any questions about kind of what I covered there?

No, that’s very effective. And thank you, brian. Appreciate it. Absolutely. Now i’d like to again. Bring in. Sandy clark. Sandy is an expert on supply chain management.

She has spent over 40 years in the supply chain side of things in food service and hospitality industry. She’s a graduate of the university of denver hotel restaurant management program.

But more importantly, she really does understand supply chain management and what that new norm is going to look like. So, sandy, please, if you would, take it away.

Thank you, richard. Today i’m going to talk about that hard topic credit. So there’s some talk now about the economy opening back up, and hopefully that means our restaurants as well. So if you’ve been closed and perhaps because it was also sudden, you still have a balance with your distributors. And i’m not just talking food service. I’m talking beverage linens, alcohol. Think about all of those.

Now is the time to reach out and talk about you buying your goods again so you could start with your sales rep and just ask him who he would like you to talk to in the credit department. He may have a relationship with one of them.

I want you to work with them, but I need to stress that this is a call that you need to make your sales rep cannot fix this for you. The credit people will want to have information straight from you.

I’ll start you with the assurance that all of these distributors want you back and need you back. They’re hurting without your business. And so they are waiting for your call.

When you call, though, you need to have a solid player. How are you going to pay back that, past debt that you have there? And what kind of terms do you need going forward so that you can open your place and have a reliable sources of supply.

A word of warning. Don’t put on your rose colored glasses. This is the time to be very realistic about what you think you could do. The way the credit mind works is they hear your commitment, and that is what they want you to be able to stick with.

So when you are looking at this, you need to really sit down and look at what your new normal is going to look like. What are your hours going to be?

How many seats are you goingto have? There is talk that, there will be some social distancing in our restaurants more than we used to have, so he may not have this many seats.

You might have a new menu. Not quite as complex, perhaps or not as many items. Take all of that into account before you call and talk to the credit departments.

That will help you have a very professional conversation, and that will really help them to be able to work with you and extend you some time to figure out how to pay that back amount that you have with them.

So you are not the only one in this situation. There’s probably a record number of people who we’re suddenly one day open and closed the next and have money that they need to deal with.

So the time to do this is now, if you wait until they say, hey, you can open up then and you expect to delivery that next day, the phone lines are going to be ringing like crazy.

So put your plan together. Know what you can do. Know who you should talk to and get that all worked out now, before its time to hopefully have the restaurants serving in dining rooms again.

Thank you. Thank you, sandy. And another piece of little tease right now is we’re gonna have sandy back on our friday edition of the nrc helpful moment.

And she’s gonna talk further about supply chain and what that new norm may look like, including what delivery schedules may be cut off times center. So that’s just a little tease what we’re going to deal with against sandy’s an expert, I would say that is a core competency of national restaurant consultants is supply chain management. So if you want more detailed information or assistance on what that communications looks like with your distributors with your vendors, let us know we’re here to help.

We can help you put that in writing and help you get that written. We’re not charging for these kinds of services. We’re just here to be helpful.

So, brian is there anything? Anything else for today? I think that covers it. I really appreciate all that information, sandy. Thanks for joining us today.

Thanks you all. All right. That’s it for now. Bye. Take care. Bye for now everyone.