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National restaurant consultants. And today i’m joined again by our wonderful friend and co-branding partner, mr. Brian devine, president of top line management.

And today our guest is our vice president of national restaurant consultants mr. Jared flowers, whose live today from tempe lake in tempe, arizona, home of the year eight sun devils and a little more sunshine there, jared and then joining today.

So today we got a couple of topics for you. I’m gonna first swing it over towards brian, and he’s gonna talk a little bit about a helpful moment on some marketing. So, brian, if you wish. Thank you very much. Richard, we’re gonna keep this nice and short today because I want to reiterate, kind of as we start talking about reopening and what that process looks like.

I want you to remember that online ordering and your your overall marketing of that online ordering isn’t going to go away. In fact, what we’re thinking is likely going to be the case is that that online ordering is going to help continue with not only building revenue, but that’s likely to be a really good profit center.

So please keep that in mind as you’re able to open, the chances are we’re still gonna have social distancing. So you’re gonna have less tables. You not completely get as many people in there. So I repeat that online ordering system up and running if you need help, we’re here to help you with that.

And we can actually do it all completely free to make sure that you have a good system in place. So that’s pretty much it for me today. Thanks, brian.

So excited. You have jared flowers is a myth in our vice president who he is heading up our operations guide of really what we think is a detailed idea resource for restaurants on getting ready to reopen. And jared is going to talk a little bit about some of the key components that you should be doing now with operators.

So, jared, if you would please welcome in thank you so much part in my hand motions as I am outside at the lake. Would you have ah, flies and mosquitoes and all of the other thing. So bare with me if I have to not follow the rules of not touching my face, but nonetheless one of the things to piggyback off. What brian said was.

I’ve talked to a lot of operators out here that are, you know, struggling if not concerned about third party delivery fees with the online ordering.

Sure, one thing that’s important to note is many of the national chains, and so many of the restaurants that are successful with this are having two separate menus, so it is ok to pass that cost through to the customer.

The customer is okay paying an additional fee to have a free delivery or to have food brought to them that they don’t have to pick up. So if you are paying a premium to post meets or door dash or to uber eats to add a dollar or two to each menu, item is not something that customers are getting upset with.

You look a chicken fillet for an example. You’re paying a dollar 20 additional price per sandwich if you go on to a delivery service and they’re doing great. So don’t be afraid to do that.

If you’re just taking the food cost hit your you’re missing something there. The other piece is making sure that you are prepared for what happens when you reopen, and there’s so many things.

National restaurant consultants we’ve created a checklist that we’re happy to help walk you through. One of the new things that just came out today is you won’t be able to have salt and pepper shakers and ketchup and mustard and things on the table because they have to be sanitized after each.

Each guest, high chairs will need to be plastic wrapped in sanitized between each use. This is something that we have researched extensively and are working very hard to make sure that we can help you open without all the red tape that the health department and local jurisdictions are going to require as you get back on pace. I did this video today from here to show you that this lake is typically filled with a couple of 100 people a day riding bikes and paddle boarding and kayaking, and today it’s completely empty.

There’s going to be a time here in the next few weeks that hopefully it’s full again. We want to be able to help you figure out how to get food safely to these folks, whether you run a food truck or to go operation or delivery or dine-in to get people social again.

It’s just one of those things that we do and we research, even though we’re not currently in restaurants and building restaurants right now, that we can speak to legislators and restaurant association folks to be able to get the information to you quickly, precisely, and just the facts.

We want you to be a legacy restaurant. We want to be a legacy company, and we’re not in this for the short all and we just want to help. That’s awesome. Thank you, jared. That’s great. Timely information. And again, we are pushing and going as fast as we can, just a up to speed with all the things that are coming out on a daily basis.

We know it’s information overload, and we’re here to be helpful. So that’s really it for today on nrc helpful moment, guys. I just want to thank you for being here today, and that will wrap up nrc helpful moment number 22 for today. So bye for now. Thank you