Hello, this is Richard, the ceo of national restaurant consultants and i’m joined today again with brian devine. This is the nrc helpful moment. We truly appreciate everyone’s overwhelming responses to our videos that we’ve produced last few days regarding the corona virus situation.

We know it’s impacting the food service of hospitality industry greatly, and we have, huge empathy for the situation, and we just want to continue to be helpful and from what we here we are.

And today we want to cover three short subjects. First and foremost, the small business administration is part of the president’s package that was approved wednesday night by congress is available and is out there.

There are multiple places to find the link to the sba loan application process. It’s on natural restaurant consultants website and our facebook. If you need more information, just let us know we’ll be posting our videos again daily on facebook and linkedin, and we’ll be happy to supply to you information on how to get information for that sba loan application.

It’s a great way to find anywhere from 10,000 to $100,000 of our operating capital very low interest rates and very generous payment terms range back anywhere from 10 to 30 years.

So strongly urge that we believe most, if not all small businesses should be heavily considering applying for some of that cash and opportunity for help and relief immediately. The second piece to talk about today is unemployment for your staff members that, uh, they have either been laid off or might be laid off shortly.

Also, knowledge that you can take salaried employees and you can, c a n, can move them to hourly. If that is what is necessary to be done right now and they can apply if it’s up to 40% reduction in their earnings. They can apply for unemployment benefits as well. So applying for unemployment benefits as well as the sba loan package is very important.

I’m gonna turn the, remainder of our nrc helpful moment over to brian devine. He’s gonna talk to you a little bit about, curbside pickup.

So, brian, please take it away. All right. Thank you, richard. And thank everybody for joining us once again.

We’re gonna keep this nice and short. What I would very much like for everyone to be thinking about is not on lee. How are you doing the process of either delivery or curbside pickup.

But are you letting people know how it works? And it is so easy today to grab your phone and do a quick video showing people what your curbside delivery or or direct delivery looks like.

And it doesn’t have to be an actual customer, just anybody in in the restaurant that you can show what the process looks like. So what you can consider doing is maybe doing a screenshot or a picture of your online ordering.

So people know that you have essentially cashless payment, so they don’t have to worry about touching dirty money or having an exchange with somebody that they don’t necessarily know so you can start there. Then you can move to actually showing what the process looks like. So how it’s going to work if you if you are letting people into the front where you are delivering the food, then you talk about that, you know, right now it looks like anywhere from 5 to 10 people at a time.

Richard had talked about that yesterday so I won’t go into any details there. But just make sure you follow the state regulations for where you are and don’t allow anyone to eat there.

But show that pick up, show the process so that people can feel comfortable confident that not only do you know what you’re doing, but they’re getting that confidence knowing that they’re going to know what to do in to pick up their food and that can be posted on social media on your website. Send it out to your list and get it in front of people so that they can feel ready that he feels safe ordering from you.

I think that covered everything, richard, that I miss. I there is anything else you want at. That’s it for today. Certainly be safe. Be warm. And, uh, best to you and best wishes.

Have a good day. Thank you. Bye bye. For now, everybody