Welcome everybody to the nrc helpful moment. We appreciate your continued review of what we’re putting out on a daily basis. This is a definite moving target. As far as the covid-19 corona virus information overload. I guess is probably the right thing. I’m welcoming brian devine president top management.

I’m richard while ceo of national restaurant consultants. Today we want to start off hopefully with a little bit of a positive piece. Today we’re posting on our website national restaurant consultants dot com, the good news page.

There’s a good news page link that we’re going to put out on our website that brian was very helpful in locating. And while this might not be immediate great news for everybody here in the u. S. We’re definitely seeing some signs in korea, south korea, japan and china. That suggests hopefully a good trend towards the u. S. Here, maybe in another 4 to 6 weeks. So we will be sharing the good news page. That’s number one thing for today.

The second thing on the helpful moment. Our biggest thing today is that we’re going to be launching a promotion piece called everyone helps promotion or everyone helps.

Promo will be linked off of our website as well. We think this is going to be an extremely great way for you to build your list that we’ve been talking about as well as being able to communicate with your clients through takeout and delivery and a great mechanism for that. Brian has come up with that through his company and our co branding between top line management and national restaurant consultants.

So we’re very excited about introducing that today. And brian, if you take it away like you have been and again welcome brian devine. Thank you.

Excellent. Thank you so much, richard. And thanks again, everybody for joining us once again, i’m going to do a quick screen share.

And i’m hoping that this works because I want you to see what this good news page looks like. So this is what what the blob looks like for national restaurant consultants. That’s where you’ll see all the nrc helpful moments.

And we’ve put this good news page right here, so just kind of looked for the really bright colored image. Click on that and then it will take you to the good news page.

What you’ll see is we’re gonna be updating automatically this page with anything that is good news about the corona virus. So you’ll see this one talks about the no new corona cases in china.

So that’s where everything started. There was a research team isolating the virus. Let’s see, uh, this one is probably one of the best. China closes their temporary hospitals as the virus case drops.

So I just want to make sure that you know that there is a place to go to get good news because you’re probably inundated like everybody else, with all of the not so good news.

Oliver, the social media platforms. So we want to know there is a place to go so you can go to a restaurant consulting dot us forward slash blog or just on their home page. You’ll see a nice big link for the blog, and you can always check up on what’s going there will also do our best to keep that updated on social media as well.

Now the promotion what happened is as richard and I were talking about what we can do to really be helpful, and we keep coming back to the idea that whatever we can do to start helping local restaurants generate revenue, then that’s what we want to do.

And as we were talking through it, we’re thinking about what the take out curbside, delivery, what that looks like, and how do you capitalize on that more?

And the first thing that popped into my mind is you should be putting a bounceback coupon in every single bag that goes out the door, and then the question becomes, well, okay, so if you put a coupon in there that does work that gets people to come back and hopefully sooner than later, then how do you keep track of whether or not that’s working and how well it’s working? And since we’re always talking about building your list, why not just build your list through everyone that comes through your your delivery or the your curbside, and we have a way to do that very effectively now, rather than go into a big, long explanation of how this all works, I want to make sure that we’re just very clear about this.

We’re going to help you not only be able to take those online orders if you don’t already we’llmake sure that’s done, we’ll get that put in place for you.

Then we will make sure that everyone that comes through your online ordering comes through. Any of the of, however, is that you’re taking your orders that we can put them on your list.

We can do it in pretty much an automated way, and we can train your staff on how to how to do even more how to just ask for the information? Asked if they would like to be a part of this. Everybody helps promotion, and we can automate it so that it’s just text this key word to this phone number, and they are now automatically on your list. And all were recommending is some small little thing to get them to order again, and they will get that coupon directly sent to their phone, and we take care of all of it. You don’t have to worry about it. Think about it.

All we have to do is figure out what you’re comfortable with. Now in the process of putting all this together. Richard and I also talked about the companies like grubhub and richard. What are some of the other ones that postmates grubhub.

Uh, we’ve got lots of different ones. Caviar, et cetera, et cetera. Yeah, so there’s there’s lots of uber eats right right.

And we all know that they take a percentage of the order, right? So it could be up to 30%. I’ve heard people complaining about that, and frankly, yes, it would be really nice if they would just cut that in half or more.

But if they’re not gonna do that, I don’t want you to think to cut them off. Because if you’re utilizing their marketing, there’s still advantage for you and by having a tool like what we’re talking about here with the, um everybody helps promotion.

Then every single time that you give away that 30%. What you’re getting a return is a new person on your list, and we’ll automate that for you. So that’s just going to happen.

And now you’ve got someone you can reach out to whenever you like. And I would even let people know. Hey, every week we’re gonna let you know of a of of what that everybody helps special is and we’ll walk you through that process, make sure that it’s nice and easy, and we’ve decided to cut our costs as much as we can for you.

So we’re gonna do it at $100 a month. And that is just enough to kind of cover our costs. Because obviously we have you were gonna do email or text message.

We’re gonna do every type of communication format that we can, so we just have to cover those costs. And obviously we’re not trying to, you know, make some big fortunate of doing this. We just really want to help.

We want to make sure that at the end of this that you have a stronger business than when you started, rather than at the end of this sort of scrambling to try to make things work.

We want this to just work easily, beautifully and have everything set up and ready for you to go. Richard, did I cover everything? Do you have any questions?

And I just want to add a couple of things. One. There’s no contract, never contract. It’s just a month a month, so you could try it.

Opt in, opt out whenever. Secondly, we’re putting out national restaurant consultants is putting on a daily email to our email list, and we have a list.

And if you are not receiving these communications and would like to on our website, which is a national restaurant, which is restaurant dot us, right, uh, and or national restaurant consultants dot com either way comes to us.

You can log in under our block you can under the block area. You can add your name to our email list to make sure you’re getting these communications in writing. So that’s really it for today. We might have gotten a little longer than the nrc helpful moment, but we’re more than likely not going to be, uh, putting out a video over the weekend unless something just moves that we needed a circle back and put something out to you. Uh, this email that i’m putting out today is a lot of regulatory pieces that we learned about today from the restaurant association, as well as fisher phillips law firm as well as crest insurance. So we want to thank them for all the information they provide today. So that’s it for the helpful moment today.

Sorry, went a little long, but enjoy your weekend do the best good selling. Hopefully these pieces are helping you. And so long for now. Thank you.

Thanks, everybody. Bye for now.