Welcome everybody. Brian Devine here for the nrc helpful moment. Richard couldn’t be here today, but I wanted to make sure that we got this great information out to you.

And i’m sure we’ll see him tomorrow. And he wanted to make sure that you knew that he was thinking about you today for the nrc helpful moment. What we’re gonna talk about today is very, very straightforward. It is google, my business (gmb).

There have been a tremendous amount of changes just since friday of last week. So please take notes on this. This is a big one. There are three things that i’m gonna talk about, about how the google my business listings have changed.

That you really do want to take advantage of and pay attention to. It’s actually a much bigger list. I don’t think they’re all important. The most important ones are right here. Number one you can now select temporarily closed.

So if for whatever reason, you have had to close temporarily, make sure you select that in google my business because, well, it is just a really good way to make sure that you’re letting people know the situation and that it is temporary, and they’re gonna put a little red bar that just is temporarily closed under there. And when you go to your google, my business listing, if you don’t see that option, get in touch with google and they will add it for you, so that is extremely important.

The other reason it’s important is because you need to make sure that yours does not say temporarily closed if you are open and that is extremely important. So just go look at your listing.

If it says that, if it has that red bar that says temporarily closed, then you just log in and then you un-select it so that it won’t say that anymore. Okay, that is really, really important. Hopefully, that all make sense.

If you need our help, please let us know. Number two. That is that you can now add delivery or take out available to the name of your listing in google, my business. So that means that you can now have your restaurant name, put a pipe or a dash and say delivery available or take out available.

Now, normally, that is like a big no no, we used to do that 10 years ago. You really don’t do that anymore well, google is kind of loosening things up and saying, hey, go ahead and do that.

The reason being is they want people to be able to find the places that have take out that have delivery quickly and stay obviously inside of google. So take advantage of that if you can.

And finally, this one is the big one is that google is not showing new reviews. That means that if I were to give you a review on google, everything would look fine.

It would seem like everything works, but that review would not show up anywhere. So we don’t know what’s gonna happen after this is all over if those reviews will just show up or if they’re just gone. So for right now we’re recommending don’t ask for reviews on google, however, take advantage of this time to get reviews everywhere else.

There are hundreds of places to get reviews, but there are some that are very important. So obviously yelp asked reviews on yelp. Facebook is still valuable for getting reviews, insiderpages, superpages.

There are all kinds of places, and the advantage right now is that if you can get a good number of reviews on these other sites, then you are no longer at risk of somebody putting out a negative review and then that being the only review on that site.

So take advantage of the time when google is not showing the new ones and start looking at getting reviews on those other places. If you need help with any of this, please reach out. Give us a call.

Shoot us an email, let us know how we can support you. And we’re just here to help. Okay, that’s it for today. And we look forward to seeing you tomorrow for the nrc health moment.

That’s it for bye for now