Welcome, everyone. This is richard weil and this is the nrc helpful moment. We do appreciate you taking the time to listen in today again, I am joined by president of top line management brian devine.

Again. I’m richard weil the ceo of the national restaurant consultants. Brian, welcome. Glad to have you back. Thank you so much. Glad to be here.

So today we’re gonna bring on a few quick topics in this helpful moment. One in almost all states. The states are allowing bulk products wholesale products to be sold to consumers. This means you could turn your inventory in to cash.

This could be six number 10 cans of product. It could be non perishable products like things that you would look for cleaning supplies as long as it’s in its original container.

You could sell that to the public. Second, don’t be afraid to modify your menu. Don’t be afraid to modify your menu. You just because of what you’ve done doesn’t mean that it works great for carry out or delivery or drive through.

Don’t be afraid to modify your menu and make sure people will know about it. Brian’s gonna talk about that. Lastly, is pieces about rent reduction. We’re going to spend more time on that tomorrow with information on how you should be approaching your landlord either through rent, abatement, process or blend type program with a blend and extend program with your landlord.

But without further a due, we’re gonna turn it over to brian. Brian, thank you very much, richard. Welcome, everyone. Thank you for joining us today.

Let’s just do a quick recap of yesterday. We did talk a lot about the google, my business listing, and richard asked that I make sure that we really hone in on your hours.

We talked about how to update it and that you should be updating that google my business listing your google map listing. But really make sure that those hours are updated and then obviously let people know if you are offering that curbside or delivery. All right.

The second thing is, if you’re going to be making those changes, and if you are going to change your your menu and you’re now going to offer curbside, make sure that information is available on your website.

All of this information really does need to be on your website, and I know that that could be a little scary for people. So what richard and I have decided to do is to try to make this as easy for you as possible.

So what we can do is i’m gonna go ahead and click on screen share and hopefully, richard, you can tell me if you’re seeing that google.

I am awesome. Okay, so i’m gonna paste in the cafe fuel website and in about one second, you should see a little yet. Perfect. So that pops up.

What we can do is a pop up similar to this. Now, this is just the samples that you could get an idea of what’s possible. Well, you can offer discounts you can capture email, phone number, name, um, actually, probably best just to do phone our name and email or nothing.

Just let people know what is on. Uh, what is going on in your your restaurant? What kind of things are changing? If any information that needs to be, like, right in front of people.

Let’s add a pop up for you, and we’re gonna do this. Basically, at cost. We’re gonna charge $50 we’ll run it for a full month.

And if after that, you don’t need it anymore. Don’t worry about it. We’ll just turn it off and it won’t affect you at all.

And then we set this up to run, um, it can run every single time somebody goes to your website. It can be set to run every day. Right? So let’s say if I turn this off, all I have to do is click on the little x and that will go away. Then I can set it to turn back on tomorrow or two days or three days, whatever we want. So we have a lot of control and flexibility over this.

If you have a wordpress website, this is really, really easy for us to set up. If you do not have a wordpress website, we can still do this.

We would just have a snippet of code to add to your site, and then everything else runs the same. So if you have access to your website or if you know who does, we’ll work with them to get that snippet of code so that you could at least get these things going.

Um, you could do countdown timers. You name it so it’s all about what information do you want to get right in front of people right now, richard, did I hit everything that you want to make sure we cover.

Look, that’s the key. This little pop up, especially for those who you don’t know how to update your website. Use this tool.

It’s really easy. It’s very inexpensive to get it started, and we’re here to help you. So take a moment. Email us back, call us, get back to national restaurant consultants or top line management and cafe fuel.

We’re here to help. And we hope that this helpful moment is gonna bring success to you today. Absolutely. Now if you don’t mind, i’m gonna add one more thing.

Because if you remember last about. But last week we talked about the good news page, and we now can actually add this to your web site for you. So if you would like to have your own good news page about what’s going on, we’re happy to add that for you. There’s no charge whatsoever.

I’ll get you the code. If you can’t load it up, i’ll load it up if if you have someone that can load it, this is just automatically gonna update. So you just create the page, put the code in and you’re done.

And we can also now do a frequently asked questions. And this is just some, you know, some basic myths that we’re hearing out there, and we want to make sure we talk about it so we can put that on your website as well.

Same kind of thing. Um, we would have to charge extra for this one just because this one we have to keep updating. But I want you to know that if you would like to at least have some good news on your website, we’re happy to give you that code absolutely free and just let me know if you want it and let me know where to send it, and we’ll take care of it from there.

I think that covers everything. Richard anything to add? That’s perfect, cause we do need good news today. And thanks for joining us on the nrc helpful moment and you all be good.

Thanks. Bye for now. Bye from everybody