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Welcome everyone again to the nrc helpful moment. This is our seventh video. Appreciate the responses. I’m richard weil the ceo and owner of national restaurant. Consultants again, joined by brian devine, president of top line management & cafe fuel. We appreciate you all taking the time to join us today. We’ve got a few topics which we hope are helpful as this has certainly been, uh, a real interesting piece for both brian and myself.

Coming up with what we hope is positive things for everybody. Uh, the good news thing that brian talked about yesterday. Hopefully you all will continue to do that. A few topics for today, as we mentioned yesterday, was commercial tenant relief. Now is the time to start talking either to your realtor of record.

Or going directly to your landlord and begin conversations about three or four ways that you could get relief. Now, I understand the landlords, of course, still have to make their obligations as well. But I think it starts with you as the tenet versus the landlord. Number one is a concept called blend and extend. And that is if you’re within two years of the expiration of your lease and you have an intention in your mind still to renew.

Now would be a good time to renew your renew your lease with new terms number two rent abatement now rent abatement it could be done in two or three forms. One where you’re actually getting abatement of rent that isn’t repaid.

It could be free rant 50% rent or it could be to extend your lease. Do not pay your rent for maybe a couple months that gets extended on the end of your lease.

That would be at the end of the term of the lease. Your landlord may be very willing to have that conversation. Percentage rent of what you’re selling right now, most likely land lords aren’t so interested in having that conversation, but that becomes another option as well. So take a look at those pieces. We also posted that as a part of some of our written updates, to people yesterday in terms of commercial tenant relief. So, brian, if you would please talk a little bit more a couple more topics. So please brian devine from top line management.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it, richard and thank you again, everyone for joining us. I want to make sure that we talk about just a couple of quick things. Now, depending on where you are, uh, things would be a little bit different now where I am in broomfield, colorado.

We just went into a significant lock down that’s starting tomorrow morning, and we’re talking like shelter in place and a little bit more than what it’s been talked about from the mayor.

Excuse me from the governor, so this is even more significant. And it’s time now to pivot more than ever. And when I say pivot, I mean really start thinking about what is it that all of us can and should be doing to keep our businesses going, to keep revenue coming in and do it in a way that you might not have thought of before. And that brings me to this really interesting thing I got from lazy dog.

And, um, richard, i’m gonna try to get the screen share here because I want people to see this. This is really interesting. That just came in today, and what you’re seeing here is that they have pivoted. Rather than just try to get people to order food for take out or for curbside.

They have now added this pantry where it is uncooked food where it includes milk. And you see uncooked eggs, it’s got toilet paper.

So what they have access to that other people in the community needs they are now, bungling together and saying, hey, we can get this for you now. We can get this to you and then they’re making it very easy to do, which leads me back to online.

Ordering. If you don’t have online ordering yet, you need to have it now and there’s nothing holding you back. It is 100% free, meaning it will not charge you a percentage of what you sell.

It will not cost you anything to set up and use. And this is not just a one time thing. This is forever. So once you’re set up with this, it will continue to benefit your business.

So please take us up on this free offer. It will work brilliantly. And if you pivot like lazy dog has and you can really take advantage of what is going on right now and keep your business going. I think that covers everything. Richard, I know there is more that you want to covers as well.

But please remember, when your doing the packaging or the pantry, it has to go into food. Grade to go containers. Food grade to go containers that you should be able to obtained from your distributor or equipment suppliers like bar green, cisco, us food’s, p f g, shamrock foods, etcetera.

So make sure you have food grade materials. Lastly, your voice is important. We’re gonna be placing a link on our facebook page with national restaurant consultants and our website to have your voice heard to the national restaurant association and your various respective state associations are putting out a survey. They want to hear from you. And then at the bottom of these surveys is an area for you to say how you feel and what’s going on.

Don’t miss out on this. Please take the time to take your inputs on these surveys. So that’s really it for today. That’s our helpful moment. We hope that it’s finding you well and healthy and your staff brian anything else?

That’s it. Thanks so much everybody. Bye for now. Thank you.