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Hello, everyone. This is richard weil from national restaurant consultants. And welcome to the nrc helpful moment. We certainly do appreciate the comments we’ve been getting again. I’m joined by president of top line management and cafe fuel. Brian devine. Welcome, brian.

Thank you. Well, we appreciate everybody taking a look at our video. This is our eighth video today. Hard to believe that, but, uh, covid-19 is continuing at obviously hit the highlights of all the headlines in the media for the right reason, of course.

But tomorrow, at 3 p. M. Eastern time, which would be noon on the west coast, the national restaurant association is hosting a very informative webinar that were urging all restaurateurs to have somebody from your company on the line to listen to what this package the stimulus package, as well as the other two pieces of legislation that have already been put into law mean to you, your business and your employees.

This is going to be a very insightful webinar. The link to sign up will be on our website as well as our facebook and the national restaurant association. Of course, any respective state restaurant association. So we urge you to take a moment to sign up for that. Without further ado to turn this over to brian devine, who’s got a couple of really good positive things to pass along to everyone.

Uh, during this helpful moment, brian. Excellent. Thank you so much, richard. And welcome, everybody.

We’re gonna be talking about a couple of things that I think are really important. But i’m also gonna show you how to take advantage of what we call the good news page.

So if you’ve watched in a previous episode that we did, we talked about the good news page and that we can put that, directly on your website.

And we can also just show you how you can go to either the cafe fuel dot rocks website or the national restaurant consultants website. And i’m gonna show you how you can actually grab a link from there and post it to your social media. So if you’re wondering what to post on social media, so we’ve got you covered.

Now, this is the good news page, so you can see the late we’ll do our best to make sure that everybody can have the link directly here in the post. But the point here is that number one we can put this on your website.

Now, if you don’t want to give us access to your website or don’t know how, that’s okay, I can send you the code. Just tell me where to send it.

Okay, well, actually, just send you this little snip-it of code that you put on your website, and then this comes up.

All right, so you’ll get this particular page here. With all the latest good news, it is automatically going to update, so there’s nothing you have to do. Once you’ve pasted that code, you’re done.

Here’s the thing I want. Make sure everybody knows, even if you don’t have a page on your own, you can come to our page, go to national restaurant consultants page, grab this link right here. So let’s say you want people know about the former fed chairman’s prediction that is actually sounding really good.

Then you would come to your facebook page paste in that link, hit, enter, and then it will pull up everything you need. So there is the image.

It’s got the title. Everything is ready to go. Then you can delete this and type in whatever you’d like to go along with the post and then click posts and it’s done. You can schedule it if you rather, if you don’t want to go instantly, is gonna walk you through the whole process.

But I want you to see just how incredibly easy this is. So you will not have to worry about what you can put out. And you wanna put out content regularly it. So don’t think that if you’ve posted once or twice in a week, that’s enough. You want to post twice a day.

But even if you can’t do that at least once, one a day is very helpful and this is a great way to do it now. The other thing that I really wanna make sure we talk about here is online ordering.

If you do not have online ordering yet, we can set that up for you. It is 100% fuureee, and I am really stressing that because there is no commission, there is no cost to you and it will actually work right through your website so that when somebody is on their phone, they want to place an order. They tap a button, they placed the order and it goes straight to your phone so you can have an app on your phone.

Or if you’d rather have it on something bigger, we could put the app onto your tablet. And again, no charge whatsoever to set this up. Now, there are all kinds of little things that you could do if you want to add to them. But the basic core function works perfectly, and it is absolutely 100% free. So please take us up on that.

Fill out the form. You’ll see. Let’s get the process started. We’re gonna ask for some basic information. You could get me set up.

You’re not committing to anything. Okay, this is just to get you started, and then we’ll show you what we do next to get you set up and again 100% free. If you need us to do more than just the basic set up, then we can talk about how we could do that for you as well.

Okay, the last thing that I want to cover is don’t stop reaching out to get people to come in, or at least to order right, so we now have the online ordering.

Now reach out through social media, if you can, through ads. If you need to and get people to place those orders our restaurant, birthday club, believe it or not, is working better now than it ever has.

We actually had somebody that got 11 sign ups in one day, and they’re averaging 9 a day. So the 11 wasn’t really that big of an anomaly. They are consistently growing because people are sitting around and they’re looking at social media.

So be there. If you need help, we’re here to help you. If you don’t have a birthday club, we can put one together.

If you don’t even have any ideas on what to do, reach out. Give richard a call, get in touch with us, and we will help you.

We’re here to help. You want to make sure that everyone’s revenue stays up, and even if you’ve closed your doors and you’re wondering what you’re gonna do next, this could get you started again.

And there’s more that you can do than just birthday. Club. Birthday club is designed to just always work, but there’s more that you can do all right. I think I got a little bit excited there. Richard, what else do we want to cover today?

Well, don’t forget one of the reasons that you put the good news on your own facebook and your social media is help with consumer confidence. Consumer confidence is way down for for obvious reasons, but we want to spur on some confidence and some positive news.

Certainly, restaurants are putting out information about online and delivery. That’s good. And you’re reaching out to people to get the business that you can get.

But let’s spread some positive good news. And so that’s another reason to post that good news. So starting next week, we’re going to actually have one or two folks on a day that will be kind of guests are helpful moment.

So if you have any interest in joining us, it would be a live piece, but are helpful. Moment would be just a little bit of an interview.

A couple of moments of the time with special guest restaurateurs will be starting that in next week because i’m sure you’re all tired of just looking at brian and me.

So that’s it for the helpful moment for today. And brian, thanks for joining us. And until then? So long, everybody okay?

Bye for now, everybody