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Hello, everyone. This is Richard Weil and i’m the ceo of national restaurant consultants. And we welcome you again to the nrc helpful moment.

It’s number. Ah, I think we are on number nine. And we’ll welcome in brian devine, president of top line management & cafe fuel. Brian.

So today we’re really gonna be focused just on a couple of things. First and foremost, I attended a national restaurant association webinar this afternoon at 3 p. M.

Eastern time. Slightly about an hour before hour and 1/2 before president trump signed it into law. The cares packaged the $2. 2 trillion.

We are going to upload the summary from the national restaurant association and brian’s gonna show you that here with shared screen of what that looks like. And there there it is.

Ah, it’s the corona virus aid relief and economic security act. The cares act. This is a good four page summary of how you can read over the weekend what you need to be getting prepared to help you lessen the blow of what’s happening in our industry.

The restaurant industry is being taken care of pretty darn well. The industry definitely got involved. Got involved to a high level of support from our congress people in d. C. So I urge you to take the time to read this.

We are going to unravel more of this over the next few days and have more answers. But please take a moment to look at that. So on the second piece for today’s helpful moment, brian’s gonna talk about online ordering through facebook and brian, take it away.

Thank you very much, richard. Yep. Look we’re gonna make this really quick. Because it is friday afternoon, and I want to make sure that everyone knows two things.

Number one is that the free online ordering that we’ve been talking about here on the helpful moment is absolutely free. And it includes being able to order directly through facebook.

And, I mean, like having facebook order button and somebody was on facebook and just use their thumb and start ordering directly through facebook.

And that does a couple of things for you one, it creates a level of legitimacy to that online ordering system that you would not have otherwise. And two, it means that when somebody is looking for takeout or pick up near them and they’re on facebook.

You show up, not the other guy. That is a very powerful thing. Now i’ve had people kind of saying, well, what’s the catch? I mean, if it’s all free, then at some point you have to make some money. Now here’s the thing i’ve been diving in to make sure that I know as much about this as I possibly can have parted with the great company that does all this and what they are doing is everything that you need in order to take online orders and even through facebook is free. The one piece that has a cost to it is being able to take the actual money.

So being able to take a credit card online, they charge for that. That feed is $29 per month. That’s it, because all they’re gonna do is they’re going to connect through your merchant account.

So whatever your merchant fees you’re interchange fees are that stays the same. There’s nothing extra added, it is the flat $29 a month in order to be able to take those orders and take payments if you don’t want to pay the 29. It still works.

All the only thing that happens is you would take payment at delivery, take payment at pick up or you can call to take payment. And actually can we can put that right into the system where they’ll say you’re gonna get a phone call to take payment so it really can be 100% free.

And if you’d like the convenience and the advantage of being able to take the credit heart online. It’s $29 a month. Richard, was that everything? I think I covered it all.

That’s it for for today. Ah, just remember, if you do take an order over the phone, those interchange or those merchant service fees are generally a little higher when you take it over the phone verbally versus if you have it done online.

But as brian says, it’s absolutely free. So that’s it for the helpful moment. We’re gonna do a lot more digging in over the weekend on the cares package, and there is a phase four that we believe is coming that will have more helpful things for the restaurant and hospitality industry. So look for that.

We’re wishing you all good health. And again, this is the nrc health a moment bye for now. Everyone take care