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Welcome to Think Tank Thursday With Cafefuel, the 9 step system that will show you everything you need to know to use the internet to grow your restuarant.

My name is Brian Devine and today let’s talk about Restaurant Video Marketing Made Easy…


Welcome to Think Tank Thursday with Cafe Fuel, the nine step system that will show you everything you need to know to use the internet to grow your restaurant. My name is Brian Devine, and today we are talking about yes, video marketing for restaurants. And why are we talking about this? Because it is so powerful and so simple. And the one thing that I can’t stress enough is that there are a million ideas for how to use video to promote a restaurant. You do not have to stress about it. You don’t have to come up with like a million different ways to try to do it. You’re a restaurant. It is so easy, it is ridiculous. I mean, we’re talking about taking a video of your food, taking a video of your food being made, take a video of your restaurant, the inside, the outside, the front, the back, anything that’s going on, any specials.

I mean, there are so many good reasons to be doing video that there’s just no excuse not to do it. And because everyone has a very, very high quality video camera in their pockets these days called their phone, then you have just no excuse. Just do it. Now, the one thing that I wanna make sure that I talk about is that the thing that is the most important when it comes to your video is the audio quality. And you can see I’ve always got something like this sticking in my face there. Audio is believe it or not, more important than, the video . Sorry, speaking of audio, I just, my screen just went a little bit nuts. Let’s see if I can get it back. Okay, I’m back. Sorry about that. yeah, so that was my video having a problem, but my audio probably stayed, rock solid.

Now the reason I say that is because, if you have an external microphone that you can plug, pop into your camera, and have something on someone’s lapel, if you’re gonna do that kind of a video, that’s going to be extremely valuable and very, very effective. So we do recommend, that you go that route. If you wanna bother, otherwise just take the video and then edit it with some music in the background. Do yourself a favor and don’t use like really popular songs right now that you know you’re gonna get in trouble for using it in a business setting. So, there are lots of places where you can get copyright free music that you can put, you know, underneath your videos that you don’t get in any trouble. TikTok, I’m still trying to figure out what they’re gonna do, because right now it’s kind of the wild west, right?

You can put whatever, music that they have onto your video and promote it. And I’m not, I’m not sure , how they’re getting away with that. So there’s probably gonna be some changes along those lines, sometime in the near future. But hey, for now you could probably, probably be just fine. Now, what I thought I would do is give you some ideas on kind of, what you can be doing with video that is outside of maybe what you’re currently thinking about. So I’m going to, let’s see if I can make this nice and big. Okay, good. So there, there is my screen and I’m going to try to find it so that I can see. There we go. Okay, so one idea is to take your reviews and turn them into videos. Now, this is a really fancy one.

So we put all this great stuff and we have all this movement, five stars. and then we, we put a, an actress inside of the restaurant, so to speak, right So we put that in the, you know, we put the background in there, put the phone number, all that cool stuff actually, you know, we can pull the review from, from wherever we want, Google, Facebook, you name it. We’ll just pull that review in there. I always like to use images if I can, of a busy, busy place. so, you know, empty restaurants are not as fun and exciting as full restaurants, so definitely wanna be, be thinking about that. and then end with, you know, call to action, right So contact us or call us or go here, do that or get this. So some type of they call to action at the end is something that I do recommend. Now, you might be thinking, I don’t have time to do that, or the software or the wherewithal, no problem. How about something as easy as this Let’s make this, see if I can make that

We use all different kinds of, of sounds for that. And one of the things that’s really nice is that all you need is a picture and then some, again, copyright free music that you can use. and you keep it really short. And these, these do pretty well, right They, people actually, you know, they, they watch ’em, they interact, and they are fun to see on your phone. And that is really important. And then finally, if you are just thinking, I don’t even know where to begin for that, let’s move over to canva canva.com. You can get a free account over at Canva. You don’t have to pay for it. it’s still amazing what they’re willing to give you for free, but you can do videos like this where you can say congratulations, say, you know, we, you notice that somebody has done something, and you can do, right

So there’s me waving, but, but you know, the point is really simple. The point is, let’s do something where we are using videos. So we are engaging with people and you can, you know, say, hey, you know, maybe, maybe it’s graduation time. You know, some people that are, that are coming to your restaurant all the time that are recent grads or about to graduate and you can send ’em a little video like this. But that’s the point. The point is that there are a million good reasons to be putting out video. And video gets people to interact, video gets people to engage, and video helps people feel like they are making a connection with you and your business. So that is why we talk about video marketing. I’m gonna put this up here just for some context. Video marketing right here in the fuel section, okay

In the very middle, video marketing is, is really important. Now make sure obviously you’ve got your website, your reputation, your social media, all of that is lined up. And then video marketing can become a very, very powerful, powerful tool in your arsenal to bring in new customers and to remind customers to come back. And then, and if you want, we’ll talk about next time, we’ll talk about how to utilize YouTube to take full advantage of your videos because YouTube is still just amazingly powerful when it comes to getting people to remember that you exist to think about you. and it is so inexpensive. It is crazy. It is still, still really, really a great, great tool. Alright That’s why I wanna cover today and I hope you found some value in it. I look forward to seeing you next time. I think Tank Thursday with Cafe Fuel.

That’s it for me.

Bye for now.