Make Your Curbside & Pickup Orders Flawless…


Optimize your pickup and curbside workflow & delight your customers with Shiday integration.

You can now optimize your pickup and curbside workflow while delighting your customers with Shipday’s new pick-up order notification system, which can help you to…

  • Manage your pickup and curbside orders with ease & efficiency
  • Reduce stress during peak hours
  • Delivery tracking is also available – you can easily assign orders to your drivers and send a tracking link to your food clients via SMS.

This means that your customers will know exactly when to come pick up their food.

Here’s a video explaining how the system works.

To start using this great new pickup notification system, you can sign up by accessing the following link.

You can also benefit from a special Shipday pricing of 0.04 USD per pick up order including SMS costs when you combine Shipday with your CafeFuelOrders.com account (even the free version!)

Integration steps:

  • First go to your CafeFuelOrders.com Account. Look for more options on the left bar.
  • Click on more and you will find ‘delivery tracking’ as optional feature there.
  • If you click on delivery tracking, you will find Shipday integration.
  • Click on “Enable Shipday”, it will ask you to open an account with Shipday first. You can also do it from here
  • You need to enter Restaurant token in GloriaFood Account to connect with your Shipday account.
  • The Restaurant token is the API key in Shipday. You can find it under “My Account” section in Shipday.
  • After you copy the API key from Shipday and insert it into GloriaFood Account, you are connected.
  • Now every time a delivery order comes in, it will go to Shipday account for dispatching and delivery tracking.

Finding API Key in Shipday Dashboard:

Main Menu > My Account> Account

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Want To Save HUGE On Delivery Orders Without Having Your Own Delivery Drivers OR Pay High Fees?

You can now save big on delivery orders by taking online orders through CafeFuelOrders.com & using Shipday to do local deliveries with DoorDash & Postmates.

How does it work?

Using Shipday entails simply having a DoorDash/Postmates Driver come pick up the client’s order & deliver it.


What are the costs? 

Advantages of using 3rd party delivery through Shipday:

  • Delivery prices start from $6.99 for up to 3 miles
  • No additional commission per orders
  • Shipday allows restaurants to track deliveries at no cost, with the starter package including free tracking for up to 300 orders per month

Even better, significant savings await restaurants who are using DoorDash/Postmates as a paid delivery service via Shipday, instead of getting orders directly from their portal with 20-30% commissions being charged.

For more details, restaurants should get in touch with their Shipday representative when activating these options.

Food delivery is a multibillion dollar business, with the US food delivery revenue projected to reach a staggering $42 billion by 2025***. So why not take advantage of this trend?


***Sources: Research & Markets, IMARC Group