Make Your Curbside & Pickup Orders Flawless…


Optimize your pickup and curbside workflow & delight your customers with Shiday integration.

You can now optimize your pickup and curbside workflow while delighting your customers with Shipday’s new pick-up order notification system, which can help you to…

  • Manage your pickup and curbside orders with ease & efficiency
  • Reduce stress during peak hours
  • Delivery tracking is also available – you can easily assign orders to your drivers and send a tracking link to your food clients via SMS.

This means that your customers will know exactly when to come pick up their food.

Here’s a video explaining how the system works.

To start using this great new pickup notification system, you can sign up by accessing the following link.

You can also benefit from a special Shipday pricing of 0.04 USD per pick up order including SMS costs when you combine Shipday with your CafeFuelOrders.com account (even the free version!)

Integration steps:

  • First go to your CafeFuelOrders.com Account. Look for more options on the left bar.
  • Click on more and you will find ‘delivery tracking’ as optional feature there.
  • If you click on delivery tracking, you will find Shipday integration.
  • Click on “Enable Shipday”, it will ask you to open an account with Shipday first. You can also do it from here
  • You need to enter Restaurant token in GloriaFood Account to connect with your Shipday account.
  • The Restaurant token is the API key in Shipday. You can find it under “My Account” section in Shipday.
  • After you copy the API key from Shipday and insert it into GloriaFood Account, you are connected.
  • Now every time a delivery order comes in, it will go to Shipday account for dispatching and delivery tracking.

Finding API Key in Shipday Dashboard:

Main Menu > My Account> Account

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